Claim your FREE GIFT! – Business Tips in 60 Seconds, valued at US $997

Claim your FREE GIFT! – Business Tips in 60 Seconds, valued at US $997

Claim your FREE GIFT! – Business Tips in 60 Seconds, valued at US $997

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Organisational Growth

I am an organisational leader who wants my organisation to obtain increased productivity, efficiency, teamwork, cashflow and profitability.

Career Acceleration

I am a career professional who desires to effectively accelerate to the next level or successfully transition to a different career.

Entrepreneurial Development

I am a woman who passionately wants to start or scale a successful, sustainable business.

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How to Remain Relevant with the Rise of Technology

Georgina Terry, Passions to Profitability Expert and Managing Director of BPD Associates Limited, speaking at TEDx POS, with a talk that might change the way you think about Artificial Intelligence and the future of the way we do business.


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To empower and support people in every country around the globe to re-ignite and live YOUR passion so you can achieve your desired business and/or career goals!

We support you to live your lives by desire and design rather than default so you can achieve your version of FREEDOM!

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What do clients say?

Testimonials from some of the many clients who have experienced success working with BPD

Ms. Terry became my Coach at a time when both my personal and business life was in a state of crisis. Ms. Terry was extremely instrumental in re-orienting my thinking towards myself and my business, setting me on a part to recovery and international success. Through regular SKYPE meetings, a clear structure and a system of accountability and feedback, I was able to cut through the clutter and re-establish first my self esteem and then my two businesses. I was also inspired to and created new product lines and income streams. Ms. Terry possesses a clear mind, provides honest, straightforward advice as well as tools and techniques for personal and business challenges. I would recommend Ms. Terry unreservedly to be a Business Coach.
Lisa Wickham
Imagine Media International
Georgina, Firstly thank you for taking the time and effort to help us with our mission, vision and services from the start of implementation of this Unit. Your coaching has been instrumental in helping the team reach its goals  and strive to meet others set over the five year period. Your coaching has also helped us personally in developing our confidence and your belief in us as we explored new areas has been respected.  The monthly implementation plan was tortuous but have reaped benefits and help us streamline our focus and develop sound business plans….timeliness was certainly developed along the way. I thank you for all the efforts and straight forward opinions expressed…they have helped us mature. 
Programme Leader
As a young entrepreneur, I possess the expertise to offer my service, however with running the actual business, not so much. The transition from employee to employer has been quite a challenge. Mastermind keeps me focused, disciplined, and on target. I’ve overcome a lot of the fear and anxiety that was keeping me from achieving my goals. I like that it facilitates the exchange of ideas, as well as, gives support to fellow entrepreneurs. This has allowed me to find my voice. How liberating!  This forum inspires critical thinking, which is essential to problem solving. Being my own boss is an important commitment and as such, Mastermind is training me to succeed, to adjust my attitude, and understand the work and PUSH needed to achieve my dream. It’s been great! Thanks Georgina!
Keri-Ann McLennon
Residential, Re-design & Renovations Co.

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