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Sharpen Your Leadership Impact with Breakthrough Business and Personal Results


Are you a dedicated mid-level or senior manager feeling stuck and facing unprecedented pressure in this 21st Century business whirlwind?

You’re not alone. Navigating complex challenges, ever-evolving landscapes, and leading remote and high-performing teams can feel overwhelming. That’s where personalised coaching with Georgina Terry, your experienced leadership transformation coach and partner, comes in.

Allow Georgina Terry FCCA, PMP, a seasoned coach, business professional and Managing Director of Business & People Development Associates Limited (BPD) to be your transformation partner.

Let Georgina design and deliver an amazing journey for you, to bring out the best in yourself, your teams, and the organisation you work for.

When you partner with Georgina, you will receive the support, tough questions, direction and safe space needed to face your challenges, amplify the leadership capabilities needed, to have the career and make the impact you desire and deserve.

Understanding Your Unique Challenges

Feeling the weight of leadership on your shoulders?

We get it. As a mid-level or senior manager, you face unique challenges:

-Strategic decision-making in a fast-paced environment

-Motivating and inspiring diverse teams

-Balancing personal growth with organisational demands

Georgina understands these challenges because she’s walked in your shoes. That’s why she’s here to support and energise you to overcome them and achieve your leadership and organisational goals.

Coaching Programme Overview

Our 1-2-1 Leadership Coaching Programmes are meticulously designed to achieve agreed tangible business and personal results by:

Sharpening your leadership strengths

Conquering specific challenges

Achieving your unique personal team and organisation’s goals

Each coaching session is focused on your current challenges and is  a tailored step towards:

Increased confidence and influence

Enhanced team performance and collaboration

Sustainable career growth and organisational impact

Benefits and Outcomes


This is the reality for Georgina’s clients. Hear their inspiring success stories in their own words:

Meet Georgina Terry FCCA, PMP:
Your Transformation Partner

Georgina Terry has over 20 years of diverse experience and results in business, finance, and change management, she understands the complexities you face.

As a certified accountant, coach, trainer, facilitator, TEDx Speaker and author of an Amazon best seller “The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom”  , Georgina has a proven track record of working with leaders to achieve remarkable results. Partner with her and gain:

  • Personalised coaching tailored to your unique needs
  • Actionable strategies for immediate impact
  • Enhanced leadership competencies
  • High performing team
  • Ongoing accountability, support and guidance

Customised Approach

A coaching programme designed exclusively for you!

No two leaders are alike, and neither are their journeys. Georgina adopts a personalised approach, crafting each coaching programme to address your unique goals, challenges, and leadership style.

Where desired 360 leadership assessments will be conducted at the start and end of the leadership coaching programme.

The duration will be tailored to your individual needs and goals to be achieved.

Our coaching programmes are ideal for:

  • Mid-level and senior managers ready to take charge of their development.
  • Organisations seeking to elevate the leadership capabilities of their managers.

Ready to achieve your full leadership impact?

Take the next step, contact us today,  to schedule a NO OBLIGATION consultation to discuss your unique needs and discover how Georgina can help you achieve your leadership and organisation’s goals.


Join leaders who have elevated their impact. Make the decision to contact us today to find out how we work together to achieve your desired career aspirations.

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