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4 Steps to Creating an Effective Time Management Plan

Dear Freedom Achiever,

Before you can accomplish your goals, you need to plan how to reach them. A lack of accountability often proves to be the greatest factor that results in an incomplete task list that leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

A time management plan is the golden thread that weaves self-accountability into the process as you work towards your desired goals and objectives on a daily basis.

Why You Should Create A Time Management Plan

When it comes to effective time management, it’s not about micromanaging the hours of your day but rather being intentional about what you do with the hours in your day.

The truth is, most people believe they are able to manage their time, but what they often end up doing is giving up healthy sleeping or eating habits in order to get more done.

However, making these types of sacrifices does not result in an increase in your productivity; in fact you are more likely to find that you are less productive. 

"The key is in not spending time, but in investing it."
— Stephen R. Covey

Taking the time to create an effective time management plan is your key to achieving more of your goals while maintaining stability in your life and improving relationships with friends or family members.

These four simple steps will help you intentionally take control over how you use the hours in your day by creating an effective time management plan and developing a system for day to day time management to help you get all of your tasks done with ease.

Step 1. Define Your Objectives

Business target

For the time management plan that you are creating to be most effective, ensure that it is based on what you need to achieve. Take a look at how you currently use  your time, figure out where you specifically need to improve so you can use your time more effectively.

Think about your goals for implementing this plan; do you want to manage your time better, plan out your day better, or save time on tasks?

An effective time management plan always has a specific goal in mind so you can make the most of the hours available to you in a day.

If you answered no to either of these questions, then researching the latest in cloud technology and remote security and file sharing solutions will help you to set up the right systems to get your operations working with you and your teams and not against you. How else can you use technology to positively impact your operations? Think outside the box and consider all of the options available to you that will help to create an easy, secure flow of information and data to all team members while boosting productivity and maximising efficiency.

Step 2. Prioritise Your Top Three Daily Tasks

Cut out paper checklist icon

Prioritisation is the key to creating a time management plan that will lead you to success. If you constantly feel like there is always more on your plate than you can realistically do, focus on breaking up your to-do list into priorities and non-priorities.

Establishing your priorities removes that feeling of overwhelm that comes from relying on endless to-do lists that remain unfinished at the end of your day. Instead, at the end of each work day think about the big picture and any impending deadlines so you can pull out your three critical tasks for the next day.

These three tasks ideally will need your immediate attention (high-priority) so aim to dedicate more time and energy to completing those before moving onto less urgent tasks.

“The essence of self-discipline is to do the important thing rather than the urgent thing.”
— Barry Werner

Step 3. Find the Right Time Management Tools

Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management

Along with defined objectives and prioritised tasks you also need to be equipped with the right tools to maximise your time management plan. The goal is to ensure you find the best tools that work seamlessly with any other tools you use and, even better, can eliminate redundancies in those tools.

If you work with a team, the right software will also make collaboration and communication with your teammates easier.

Software is also great for automating mundane tasks that keep you from using your time more productively. For example, using built-in features such as reminders and alarms eliminate the need to rely on keeping external programs open while working on other things.

Asana, ClickUp, and Slack are some online platforms that are useful for integrating technology into your time management plan, especially when working with a small team.

Step 4. Revisit Your Plan Daily

Time Management

A time management plan is important to be productive and will help you stay on track with your goals, but it’s not enough just having one.

One of the best ways to boost your productivity and ensure that you are always making the best decision with your time is to schedule time to revisit your plan. Set up notifications to refocus yourself on what needs attention and take by revisiting your priorities for the day.

Use this time to review how your day is flowing and then make decisions based on where things stand at that moment while looking ahead at all your deadlines that are upcoming. Getting into this habit really adds value by training yourself to practice holding yourself accountable while working on your daily priorities.

If you answered no to any of these questions, then there are still steps you can take to future proof your business. The digital transformation of your supply chain is crucial for you to thrive in the 21st century. Digitally transform your supply chain by automating the process through payment integration systems that utilise online transactions and bank transfers. Consider also consolidating all supplier information into an accessible hub that can be accessed at any time from anywhere on any device for better inventory management across your organisation.

Bonus: Be Realistic With Your Time Management Plan

Analyzing important information. Close up of african american man's hand writing, planning his

Being realistic about planning your day can be tough, but it is very important to acknowledge the times of the day when you notice that you are usually most productive.

If you find that mornings are harder for you to get into a productive routine, taking a different approach to planning your day will be more effective. For example, consider scheduling tasks in advance during the hours when you are most productive.

Another approach is to do the tasks that you are most excited about during your most productive hours.

Follow these four steps to create your time management plan with the intention of making progress on your goals by restructuring how you use your time daily. This will ensure that not only do you get all of your tasks done with ease, but also allow yourself the ability to enjoy a fulfilling life outside of work. These four simple steps will give you a concrete foundation to build an effective day-to-day system so that getting through what needs to be done does not seem like such a daunting task anymore.


Live YOUR Passion!

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Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
My mission is to help you live YOUR Passion by providing you with the tools you need to live your life by desire and design, and NOT by default, so you can achieve your version of freedom!

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