5 Ways To Use Vulnerability To Achieve Your Vision Of Success

Why you need to be vulnerable

Dear Freedom Achiever,

Twelve years ago I worked with a coach who introduced me to the truth about vulnerability that I had never been exposed to before.

“The more vulnerable you are, the stronger you become.”

Like most people, I equated vulnerability to being weak. If that was the case, how could it make me stronger? 

Since then, thankfully, I have evolved and the experiences I have accumulated over the years of transitioning from being an accountant to building a successful business and people development business has led me to understand, and live this statement.

In my experience, vulnerability really means sharing what you feel and what you need from others, which takes great courage. The ability to muster up the courage to ask for help gives more people a chance to assist you and be there to support you in the ways that you need.

“Vulnerability is not winning or losing; it’s having the courage to show up and be seen when we have no control over the outcome. Vulnerability is not weakness; it’s our greatest measure of courage,”

Brené Brown in Rising Strong

When I first made the move to Trinidad and Tobago in 2001 I found myself feeling very stressed out by the entire process. Starting over in a new country with a new culture, new employer and new colleagues in a new career often left me feeling alone as no-one knew I was here. I suffered in silence and I didn’t tell anyone what I was experiencing because I did not want to be seen as weak! So for a long time my outward image was one of confidence, while inside I was crying out for help! This created unnecessary loneliness!

How to be More Vulnerable

Vulnerability may not be the most comfortable or natural way to achieve success on your entrepreneurial journey, but it allows creativity, innovation, and authentic connections with others which in turns allows you to get the help you need when you need it and also be of service to others. These five ways to practice vulnerability are just the start in helping you achieve your vision of success. 

1. Accept That You Are Not Perfect

We are not perfect – and that is okay. As much as we would all like to believe that we have all the answers to solve every single problem that will come up along the way on our entrepreneurial journey, we cannot do it all alone and we don’t know it all and don’t need to. Once you are able to accept this, you will find it so much easier to accept yourself, take a step back and look at where things may not be effectively working and ask for the help that you need.

2. Practice Being Authentic

Showing up as your authentic self, flaws and all, is another way that allows you to practice being vulnerable. When you are authentic in your interactions with others, you also give them permission to do the same and when we all courageously show up in our truth, we create a safe space where we can all learn from and grow with each other.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable.”

Dr. Brené Brown

Owning your truth is a courageous act that shows that you have learnt from your past challenges and difficulties and more often than not when we look back at these experiences we are able to take away valuable lessons that give us the tools we need to move toward our goals and achieve success.

3. Take Responsibility

When we take responsibility for why something did not work out the way we expected it to, we allow ourselves to be vulnerable in a way that gives us the opportunity to reflect on what lessons we have learned from the situation. On the other hand, if we continue to assign blame and point fingers, this denial blocks us from being able to assess what went wrong and how we can use our past experiences to overcome the obstacles ourselves.

Here, the role of vulnerability allows us to transform our past failures into lessons and in being courageous enough to use what we have learnt, we make better informed decisions which move closer to our vision of success.

4. Tackle the Difficult Conversations

In order to push through your vulnerability, consider having those difficult conversations you have been avoiding. Be open and honest when communicating with others, especially about how you feel. The key to tackling difficult conversations is being able to separate your thoughts and feelings from the response or reaction you think the other person will have. Remember that you only have control over what you say and how you say it, the rest is up to them. Make your goal to share your thoughts and feelings, rather than focusing on their possible reaction.

5. Join a Mastermind Group

When it comes to achieving your vision of success on your entrepreneurial journey, you often need a space where you feel comfortable to share that you need help facing your challenges. Joining our BPD Mastermind is a great opportunity to be supported by fellow women entrepreneurs who create a safe space for you to be vulnerable and are excited to share their ideas and advice to help you meet your goals.

One of our past Masterminders joined around the time that she had lost a loved one. Her courage and strength through vulnerability allowed her to share her pain and uncertainty in our group which enabled us to hold a gentle and loving space for her while she healed and took over the  business and made it her own. Now, she is heading up a flourishing business, confident, driven and able to look confidently to the future!

Our signature Mastermind Group has only a few spots left and is the perfect setting to practice vulnerability surrounded by like minded women entrepreneurs. This Mastermind is for you if you are ready to increase your confidence, address your challenges and be vulnerable within our amazing support group so we can help you achieve your vision of success. 

Are you a woman entrepreneur transitioning from employee to running your own business? Our Mastermind group is perfect for you to be in community with other women who can inspire you to build and scale the business of your dreams.
Live YOUR Passion!
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
My mission is to help you live YOUR Passion by providing you with the tools you need to live your life by desire and design, and NOT by default, so you can achieve your version of freedom!

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Feeling stuck?

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