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How To Gain Visibility for Your Business

Being visible to your target market is crucial for business – if the people who have the problem you can solve, know you exist, know where to find you, and receive valuable information, then when the time is right, they will enter your sales funnel and eventually purchase from you.

Skills Needed To Be A 21st-Century Leader

We are in the 21st century. The rules of the game are changing and there are strikingly different requirements for today’s leaders.

What skills make the difference in 21st-century leadership?

To be a leader in the 21st century, you must have the skills to remain relevant in these ever-changing times. It is necessary to build up the skills, competencies, network and experience that prepare you for inspiring leadership at the highest level.

How To Assist Your Leaders To Be Relevant During the 21st Century

As we move further into the 21st century, the demands and expectations placed on leaders in organisations continue to evolve.

To stay competitive and relevant, it is crucial that organisations take steps to ensure their leaders are prepared to meet the challenges of the modern business landscape. 

Self-Reflection Questions for Aligned Goal Setting in the New Year

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Self-reflection can help you identify what went well and what didn’t go well, which will give you a better understanding of your successes and areas of improvement. This process will give you useful information to help you plan for the future by setting new goals.

How To Measure Your Progress Against Your Business Goals

As an entrepreneur, when you create S.M.A.R.T business goals you have a much clearer picture of what you want to achieve and by when.
Once your goals have been defined, you need to track your progress against them. You need data, so you know if what you are doing is working and if you are on track.

The Importance of Setting Meaningful Goals for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, what are your goals for your business? You undoubtedly want to grow and upscale your business, expand your customer base, boost your profit margin, and utilise technology so that your business is future-proofed for the 21st century.
If you have goals, are they clearly defined and measurable?
When setting goals, it is important that your goals be meaningful and help you to grow in the process. 

How to Consciously Use Your Buying Power

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Getting motivated and staying motivated is not such an easy task. Even people who are successful in business and in personal relationships fall into slumps and find it hard to get motivated.
If you’re in a slump right now, you know exactly what I mean. No matter how many successes you have had in the past, it all seems irrelevant now.

Seven Tips to Navigate Your Day Intentionally

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If you’re feeling like time is slipping away and that you are not getting all the things you want  done, it’s time to take a step back and reassess what’s not working. With all of the advice and books out there on how to get more done in less time it can be difficult to find the right tips and tricks that work for you without first evaluating how your current way of doing things, is affecting your ability to work efficiently. These seven simple strategies can help you navigate your day so you can feel more accomplished at the end of your day.