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Career Acceleration

“Unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is “helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

– Gallwey (1975) – 

Ready to Take Charge of Your Career Progression?

One of our mottos is “by desire and design, rather than by default”.

It’s time you took charge of your own development, so you have the career and life you have always dreamed of. 

Career Acceleration Services

Our programmes tailored for career professionals benefit people who already have a thriving career and also those just starting their professional journey. You will learn how to make yourself a valuable asset such that employers will be scouting for your services.

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Leadership and Performance Coaching


  • To accelerate your performance in your new or current role
  • To support you to be ready for your next promotion


  • Increased confidence
  • Identified leadership competencies improved
  • Increased performance and impact
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Career Coaching


  • To identify dream role
  • To redesign resume to attract interviews for dream role
  • To be ready to make a positive and lasting impression at interviews


  • Build a powerful and relevant resume
  • Set goals and develop a roadmap
  • Craft stories to land dream role
  • More effective and impactful in interviews
  • Accountability and motivation
Short Listed Resume

Resume Consultation and Development


  • To produce a powerful and relevant resume to attract interviews


  • Objective view
  • Key qualities identified
  • Professional image
  • Tailored resume
  • Work with a professional
Businesswoman Interviewing Male Job Candidate In Meeting Room

Mock Interview Coaching


  • To be confident, prepared, and to positively stand out in your interviews
  • To improve your performance in interviews


  • Develop effective interview strategies
  • Develop your interview stories
  • Build your confidence for the interviews
  • Develop powerful answers to interview based questions
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Public Speaking/Presentation Delivery Services

Conveying compelling and engaging messages is a key skill of an effective leader. Unfortunately, even though this talent does not come naturally to everyone, it is expected.

We can assist you to become an effective and confident presenter, supporting in the design, flow and content of the presentation. We also include observing and coaching on the actual delivery (tone, gestures, slides, visuals etc.) to ensure maximum impact to the desired audience.

We can support you to deliver presentations at conferences, TEDx Talks, client meetings, etc.

Training & Development

Business & People Development Associates Limited’s (BPD) training/ development workshop delivery framework is based on the Change Management framework, “ADKAR”. The ADKAR model was first published by Prosci in 1998, after research with more than 300 companies undergoing major change projects.

In 2006, Prosci released the first complete text on the ADKAR model in Jeff Hiatt’s book, “ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community”.
Awareness: an overview of the topic
Desire: to participate and support the change
● Knowledge: of how to change (and what the change looks like)
● Ability: to implement the change on a day-to-day basis
Reinforcement: to keep the change in place – out of scope for this programme


We include a blend of change management, coaching, training, experiential learning and facilitation in our programme design and delivery. Our workshops are interactive and are created to deliver improvements in both business and personal performance.


Our workshops are created and delivered in a practical way (real life experiences, tools, techniques etc.), which enables you to quickly and easily implement your new learnings back into your workplace and lives.


We believe that one-off workshops are not the most effective way to effect change. Therefore, our workshops can include an Action Challenge series, which consists of emails sent over an agreed duration, providing mentoring/guidance to you to support them in implementing the improvements identified. This approach allows you to have continued support after the workshop, rather being left alone to flounder.

Examples of Training & Development Topics

What do clients say?

Testimonials from some of the many clients who have experienced success working with BPD

The workshop was informative, unravelling desired "what ifs" into targeted goals. I would strongly recommend using BPD, their workshops help cut ambiguity and show ways to reach your goals in a streamlined way
Zobida Mathura
Guardian Life of the Caribbean Limited
Georgina has coached me in preparing for several work-related presentations, from technical workshops to a non-technical audience to pitching for multi-million dollar project for investor buy-in. Her logical and pragmatic approach allows you to focus your content in ways that really connect with your audience, and her can-do spirit drives you to challenge yourself in ways you did not before.
Maurice Alexander
Programme Leader

Ready to Take Charge of Your Career Progression?

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