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Company Overview

BPD empowers and supports passionate organisational leaders, career professionals and women entrepreneurs with a burning desire to get unstuck and moving again.

Who we are

Company Overview

At Business and People Development Associates Limited (BPD), we speak 7 languages: passion, vision, performance, profits, corporate, layman and success!

We are your change agency and accelerator that will support you in re-igniting your passion so you can achieve your vision of success through desire, design and transformation.

We believe that individuals and organisations are best served by passionate people who do not have a preconceived notion of what and how things need to happen. That is why BPD chooses to first engage, enquire and then co-create specific solutions with you.

Located in Trinidad and Tobago, we provide services to a global market.

We are committed to helping you to define your goals, re-ignite your passion and harness your potential to achieve your vision of success.

Achieve your version of freedom!

Why we EXIST

Our Vision

To empower and support people in every country around the globe to re-ignite and live YOUR passion so you can achieve your desired business and/or career goals!

To support you to live your lives by desire and design rather than default so you can achieve your version of FREEDOM!

What we do with you

Our Mission

How we support you

We deliver people and business development products and services designed to:


Create a space for effortless transformation and evolution


Unlock individual passion and potential to become more effective leaders


Deliver practical and easy to implement solutions


Develop and provide access to effective networks and communities


Combine the power of passion, people, performance and profits to deliver a high return on investment

What do clients say?

Testimonials from some of the many clients who have experienced success working with BPD

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