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Welcome to BPD’s Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind!

BPD is truly committed to supporting you to achieve your version of entrepreneurial freedom by desire and design rather than by default.

We are excited to be accompanying you on your amazing race to entrepreneurial freedom. 

Over the next few days, you will receive your Mastermind contract and further information pertaining to your first session and bonuses via email. 

Below you will find some extra resources we highly recommend.

If you are an aspiring or established entrepreneur with limited time for reading, these quick practical tips will be perfect for you – it will just take 60 seconds!

You’ll receive one ‘how to’ practical business tips each week, plus free access to BPD’s resources newsletters, interesting articles etc. that will support you in achieving your business and personal goals.

The entrepreneur needs to be ready, way before the business! The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom is focused on helping to get you ready for entrepreneurship, helping you to avoid costly business start up mistakes, transition smoothly from employee to entrepreneur by addressing your needs and helping create a life and/or business implementation plan to turn your passions into profits.

Women in business

Would you like to be part of a community of Women Entrepreneurs, like yourself, that can support and motivate you?
We have created a safe space where our community of Women Entrepreneurs (W.E) come together virtually to share business and personal tips, network, motivate, encourage and learn from each other, ask questions and obtain support. Register to join us at our next meeting!

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