Effective Coaching Skills Training for 21st Century Leaders

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Leaders need to effectively drive change, deliver results, create winning teams and keep them motivated.

When leaders don’t have the right mindset and skillset to coach effectively, they create negative results.

If leaders are not coaching, they are missing out on a significant opportunity to build and strengthen their teams.

“80% of organisations that work on continuous improvement programmes using a coaching mindset outperform those that don’t.”

Forbes – Coaching Mindset For Leaders: A Game Changer

To remain relevant in the 21st Century this training workshop is a must-have for anyone who needs to work with teams to achieve organisational results!

Virtual Training Workshop

The objective of BPD’s Effective Coaching Skills for 21st Century Leaders Training Workshop is to enhance managers’/leaders leadership effectiveness by equipping them with coaching mindset, skills, tools, techniques and confidence to lead and develop themselves and their teams in these ever changing times to achieve the stretching organisational objectives.

Leaders heavily influence the culture and performance of organisations, so if you want to remain relevant in the 21st century, leaders with effective coaching skills are a must have!

These training sessions take place over four (4) non-consecutive three (3) hour sessions.

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Who Is This For?

This training workshop is aimed at persons with the responsibilities for leading and developing teams such as Managers (e.g. IT, Project, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations, HR, Technical, Senior, General), Consultants, Department Heads and Vice Presidents.

What Participants Will Learn

Participants will learn how to use their coaching skills to develop and empower themselves and their teams and confidently hold impactful coaching conversations that will lead to increased accountability, performance and results.

Gain understanding

Participants will:

- Understand the difference between coaching, and other disciplines like mentoring, counseling etc.

- Understand and appreciate the power of coaching as a leadership competency

Develop & Identify

Participants will:

- Develop a coaching mindset

- Identify actions to address areas of improvement related to specific individual coaching skills needs

Apply principles

Participants will:

- Apply the principles of coaching to create a trusting environment with their team members.

- Use and apply the "Critical Coaching Skills" to improve business relationships and develop their team members

- Utilise coaching skills to increase accountability and performance to meet business goals.

- Confidently hold effective coaching conversations using a structured coaching model to support team members to achieve their goals

Benefits of the Training

Develop and maximise the performance of leaders and managers

Foster a more effective, humane, empathetic, and innovative leadership style, that develops and empowers team members and improves their leadership skills and impact

Develop the mindset and confidence to have effective coaching conversations

Gain an understanding of how coaching can be used to develop teams and lead teams through major change

Be more confident and emotionally intelligent, able to work with team members to gain new insights and perspectives

Have a more committed team in relation to results delivery, with measurable improvements

Build greater trust and support between yourself and team members, and be able to develop and bring out the best team members

Leaders equipped and relevant in the 21st Century!


All persons registered before Tuesday 4th November 2022, will receive a complimentary 1-2-1 leadership coaching session with Georgina Terry valued at US$400.

Per participant

Price per participant for the workshop.
US $ 360

For groups of 3 or more

Price per participant attending the SAME workshop.
US $ 300

Participants will receive:

* Based on 80% attendance of sessions, 80% completion of email action challenges, and submission of feedback documents

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Feedback from Previous Participants

The BPD Coaching Workshop Advantage

Format of the Programme

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What Makes This Coaching Programme Unique?

Georgina Terry FCCA PMP

Managing Director & Trainer, BPD Associates Ltd

Georgina Terry FCCA — The Passions to Profitability Expert — is a qualified accountant (ACCA) and coach, with over 20 years of experience in coaching, finance, training, facilitation, mentoring, and change management consulting. She is also an inspirational speaker (including TEDx) and author of the bestselling book, ‘The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom’.

Georgina has delivered successful change programmes and workshops in many organisations (e.g. BPTT, Atlantic LNG, TCL Group), that developed people and organisations to achieve outstanding business results. She has worked in England, Jamaica, Equatorial Guinea and Trinidad and Tobago. Georgina has the ability to adapt quickly to different cultures and works effectively at all levels within an organisation.

Georgina is originally from London, England. Prior to moving to Trinidad and Tobago in 2001, she worked for The Economist Newspaper Limited and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Georgina is also a project management professional.

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Leaders become great not because of their power, but because of their ability to empower others

BPD's Delivery Methodology

"The greatest skill of a leader is to develop extraordinary abilities in ordinary people."

Business & People Development Associates Limited’s (BPD) delivery framework is based on the Change Management framework, “ADKAR.” The ADKAR model was first published by Prosci in 1998, after research with more than 300 companies undergoing major change projects.

In 2006, Prosci released the first complete text on the ADKAR model in Jeff Hiatt’s book: “ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community.”

  • Awareness: an overview of the topic
  • Desire: to participate and support the change
  • Knowledge: of how to change (and what the change looks like)
  • Ability: to implement the change on a day-to-day basis
  • Reinforcement: to keep the change in place

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