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Lack of Financial Security

As business owners, we all face problems when it comes to accessing and controlling our finances. These are common issues that arise during different stages of any venture, but they can make us feel much better if they’re tackled head-on. Financial security is essential for peace of mind!

Though it can become a big barrier to success for many entrepreneurs, if you’re willing to work smart and get moving in the right direction, it doesn’t have to stay this way!

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You've Got What it Takes

We want you to reach your fullest potential personally and professionally. For you to do this, you need to acknowledge your potential as much as I do, and commit to charting the way forward and taking bold, massive action in the direction of your vision.

We want you to reach your fullest potential personally and professionally. For you to do this, you need to acknowledge your potential as much as I do, and commit to charting the way forward and taking bold, massive action in the direction of your vision.

Believe it or not, taking the quiz to uncover your business blocker shows your intent and desire to become a better version of yourself and develop your dream business, whilst still acknowledging and appreciating the stage you are at currently. 

There are many things we need money for in a business: basic costs, and also to help it grow. Managing all of the financials for a business can be quite difficult. I’ve been there before, and it’s hard to stay afloat when you’re facing challenges like buying equipment or securing funding.

The good news is that if you follow proven systems to properly manage your money, including planning, tracking and prioritising, then things will start looking up!

Doubts and concerns about financial security are common, but when you consider the incredible benefits of being financially secure it’s worth learning some strategies to help attain that. And I have no doubt that you have what it takes to not only learn how, but to THRIVE as you work on overcoming this business success blocker.

Keep reading and I’ll walk you through your personal roadmap to a thriving business with healthy financials. It’s time to get clear on your direction and vision so you can make confident and consistent steps towards your version of freedom!

Why is Overcoming Financial Insecurity so Important for Growing Your Business?

Financial insecurity is a major stressor that depletes mental and physical energy. Financial concerns like “What if I don’t make my rent?” reduces your ability to take risks when expanding your business, which can lead to missed opportunities. It’s important to address the root cause of the financial insecurities and removing the financials pressure so it doesn’t hold you back from taking action and growing your business. You want it to be something that frees up more time and energy so you can focus on building bigger things for yourself and future generations. The time to do so, is NOW!

Your Personal Roadmap

Tips to gain clarity on your financial woes

  • 1. OUTLINE your financial goals
    Getting clarity on your desired outcome will help give you a focused path to work on.
  • 2. ALIGN your financial goals with your business plan
    By aligning your financial goals with your business plan, you can be more effective in reaching them.
  • 3. CREATE a budget
    Creating a solid budget can help you feel motivated to reach your financial goals!
  • 4. COMPARE your actual finances to your initial budget
    If your actual figures don't match up to the financial projections you had in mind, it might be time for some retooling.
  • 5. ASSESS each business process for financial leaks
    A business owner needs to look into all their expenses in order for the company's efficiency and success.
  • 6. ELIMINATE wastages
    To quote the late US President Benjamin Franklin, “Beware of little expenses; a small leak will sink a great ship.”
  • 7. UPDATE processes to make them more efficient
    Consider updating your processes and techniques because they could save costs for you as well.
  • 8. PRACTICE regular and accurate financial reporting
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  • 9. ENSURE that business accounts and financial accounts are kept separate
    Separate accounts will help you avoid confusion and remain transparent in all financial dealings with others.
  • 10. INCLUDE technology into your finances
    Digitizing your financial records is an efficient way to save time, space and effort.

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But First….

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself.

I am Georgina Terry, Passions to Profitability Expert and Managing Director of BPD Associates Limited.

My purpose in this life is to assist people in living their lives and developing their businesses/careers by desire and design, rather than by default. I work across a wide spectrum, from aspiring entrepreneurs to multi-national organisations to support clients in achieving their desired business and personal goals.

I help passionate women entrepreneurs create the life they want by pushing past their obstacles, getting unstuck and achieving their version of freedom, and I want to help YOU overcome your financial insecurities so you can have the life and business you have always imagined.

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Ready to push past your obstacles & get moving?

Mastermind will help you grow, support your work and life goals so that they are achieved much faster. It’ll act as a catalyst for growth, provide you with support and accountability to be the best version of yourself all while challenging you to perform at this highest level.

Women entrepreneurs are the backbone of our economy, yet so few have access to a Mastermind Group. Research has shown that women are more likely than men to start businesses and that they run these ventures longer, especially when they have the right support.

At Mastermind, you have a place and a space to share your challenges and successes, as well as be inspired by other members of the group. It’s also a place to learn from those who have been successful in similar fields. Participating will not only provide you with support but also challenge you to perform at your very best by staying accountable throughout each week.

Growth is a natural part of life, but it can be difficult to manage on your own. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to take the next step or someone who wants to grow personally, joining BPD’s mastermind group for women entrepreneurs will help you do just that. Through connecting with other like-minded individuals and having access to coaching, mentoring, and receive advice from those in various fields. You will be able to strengthen yourself both professionally and individually so that your goals are achieved faster than they would have been alone.

If you find you are weak in persistence, surround yourself with a Mastermind Group. – Napoleon Hill


Is your success story next?

Here's What You Need to Know

Most frequent questions and answers

Once a month on a Tuesday

  • Monthly reporting of business performance to keep you on track
  • Answers and ideas obtained, to address your main challenges
  • Increased business experience, skill and confidence
  •  Accountability
  • An instant and valuable support network
  • Consistent support to achieve your desired business and personal goals
  • Online private mastermind forum for you to connect and share with your mastermind Masterminders
  • Mastermind buddy who will provide you with support and challenge in between Mastermind group sessions
  • Access to Georgina Terry for advice and guidance in between sessions.

New entrepreneurs (in business for > 6 months -10 years) who are generating sales but are unsure of how to run or scale their business, committed to self development, and can make an ongoing investment to see their business thrive can participate. For support in starting your business, contact us to learn how we can support you.

  • Be Passionate – Be committed and passionate about growing your business and developing yourself.
  • Be Committed – Commit to the mastermind group for 12 consecutive months (one year).
  • Be Prepared – Prepare for each Mastermind meeting with monthly reporting documents.
  • Be Action Oriented – Implement what you learn and explore the ideas presented.
  • Be Helpful – Enjoy being of service to others as we help each other take the next step on our journeys.
  • Be Supportive  – Provide support to your mastermind buddy in-between meetings.


Fill out the complimentary business form and a member of our team will contact you to determine if we make the right fit.

Ready to Say YES to the Next Step?

If you can say YES! I would love to have people to bounce ideas off, give me encouragement and  understand the challenges I am facing in my business. 

Or YES! A community of like-minded women entrepreneurs to connect with, support me, provide accountability, advice and stimulate ideas will help in my personal and business development. If you’re ready to make your business goals a reality, then let’s get started.

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