Get Focused!
Strategy and Planning Workshop

Develop Your Success Roadmap FOR 2023

Are you a full time or part time woman entrepreneur who wants to thrive in 2023?

If yes…you need to attend BPD’s GET FOCUSED! workshop.

GET FOCUSED! will create the space for you to FOCUS on creating a roadmap for success in 2023! We will CREATE the thinking space you NEED to GET FOCUSED! You will have access and learn from Georgina Terry, a consultant, project management professional, trainer and coach to develop your 2023 vision, quarterly action plan and the tools and techniques needed to assist you in achieving your 2023 goals/dreams!!!

This is for you if:

Together we will

Review & Celebrate 2022 Achievements

Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats

Revisit/Create your Business Vision

Create/Refine your 2023 Goals and Main Focus Areas

Develop your 2023 Quarterly Plan

Identify your marketing strategies

Identify your resources needed

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take action!

Workshop Details

GET FOCUSED! is a virtual workshop to enable you to comprehensively strategise and put you and your business in a position to THRIVE in 2023

As a bonus for attending you will RECEIVE A COMPLIMENTARY 2023 PDF PLANNER

Your Investment

BPD 15TH anniversary
special offer

Workshop reduced from USD $150
USD $97 Part proceeds will go to charity
  • A 3 hour value packed workshop
  • Accompanying workbook
  • 2023 PDF Planner
  • Unlimited access to the workshop's recording
  • Networking

We bring together woman entrepreneurs from different sectors that share the same idea and passion – to have success and freedom through entrepreneurship.

Imagine having your blueprint for success in your hand, which shows you what to do and when.

Take this great opportunity to have expert assistance to create your 2023 plan!

Who is this for?

part-time and full time women Entrepreneurs

This workshop is for you if you want to propel your business even further in 2023 and beyond, with the right tools, systems and strategies in place to get you and your business there.
Meet Your Trainer

Georgina Terry FCCA PMP
Passions to Profitability Expert

Georgina Terry’s purpose in this life is to assist people in living their lives and developing their businesses/careers by desire and design, rather than by default. Georgina Terry, The Passions to Profitability Expert– is a qualified accountant, coach, Project Management Professional, Change Management consultant, local and international inspirational speaker, facilitator, trainer, accredited InfoDev (Division of the World Bank) facilitator, former Trinidad Ambassador for the Global Movement – Women’s Entrepreneurship Day and author of the best-selling book The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom’.  Georgina is also the Managing Director of Business & People Development Associates Limited (BPD).

BPD works across the whole wide spectrum from aspiring entrepreneurs to multi-national organisations to support them in achieving their desired business and personal goals. Georgina’s success with local, regional, international and multi-cultural clients (e.g. Trinidad & Tobago, Jamaica, UK and West Africa) reveals her exemplary ability to adapt quickly to diverse cultural norms as she works with career professionals, entrepreneurs (aspiring and established), departments and whole organisations to increase and align their passion, productivity, processes and profits to achieve their desired vision. Georgina is originally from London, England and prior to moving to Trinidad in 2001, she worked for The Economist and PricewaterhouseCoopers.  She has over 25 years of outstanding results, delivery and experience. She uses her skills and knowledge globally to assist people to achieve previously unrealised business/career and personal goals. 

What Participants Say

Your Best Year Yet

Make 2023 Legendary!

How exciting and comforting will it be, knowing that before the beginning of 2023, you will have created your 2023 roadmap for success.

If you truly want 2023 to be your best year yet…you NEED TO ATTEND GET FOCUSED! 

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