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How To Gain Visibility for Your Business

Being visible to your target market is crucial for business – if the people who have the problem you can solve, know you exist, know where to find you, and receive valuable information, then when the time is right, they will enter your sales funnel and eventually purchase from you.

Here we list some ways to increase the visibility of your business, attract more buyers, and followers, and, consequently build relationships that add value and increase sales.

“The power of visiblity can never be underestimated.”

Be present on the "right" Social Networks


The number of users on social networks continues to grow, and many entrepreneurs have used this resource to promote their products and services. 

To connect with your target market, you need to be on the “right” platforms i.e the platforms that your target audience use and the platforms that enable you to present your products/services in the best way.

Create profiles on these networks and keep your pages up to date, but remember to focus your efforts on the relevant networks for your business. If you are a caterer, for example, you can use YouTube to promote your recipes via videos. If you work with crafts or accessories, Pinterest and Instagram are ideal, as they generate good image exposure.

Understand where your ideal clients “hang out” and consume content and then choose the networks you want to build your following and credibility.

Produce valuable and relevant content

The first thing an entrepreneur has to understand is that when people are browsing the internet, they are not necessarily looking to buy a product. They are also looking for interesting and relevant content to read, watch or listen to.

The internet algorithm focuses on content that are interesting and gaining attention.

This is how the algorithm works, that is why your business needs to create relevant content to gain more visibility.

But remember, the content should  be linked to your business in some way or your brand in some way.

“Marketing is the distinguishing, unique function of the business.”

Have a Website

When we start to work with our entrepreneurial coaching clients, many believe that having a social media page is enough. But it is not!

The followers on the various social media platforms are really on loan to you from the Social Media companies! Remember all the interactions, comments are being conducted on their platform and if they decide to block your account – you are blocked from the followers and the content!!

By having your website, the content you post is controlled by you. All information is stored on your site! If you have a free gift offer on your site that asks for visitors’ contact details (strongly recommended), then you now have control over when and what content can be sent. 

Using various digital tools on your website e.g Google Analytics, Client Relationship Management (CRM) software etc  is a great way to see the behaviour of potential buyers, develop relationships, monitor important data and finally, create personalised campaigns to increase sales!

Having a website also brings credibility to your business, rather than just having social media pages

If you also use Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can be on the first search page in Google, when browsers are looking for content or products/services related to your business.

Also make it easier for buyers to purchase from you – one way is to have an e-commerce enabled website.

Think of a potential buyer who wants to make a purchase. Imagine him/her surfing the internet and visiting your website, selecting the product/service he/she is interested in,and clicking on the “Buy” button entering their payment details and money automatically appears in your bank account and of course they receive the product/service.

Having an ecommerce enabled website allows your marketing to be smoothly linked to sales! 

Public Speaking

Public speaking is an incredibly important tool for increasing visibility for your business. Whether you are giving a presentation at a conference, hosting a webinar, or simply giving a talk at a local meetup, public speaking allows you to showcase your expertise and share your message with a wider audience.

Explore another platform that increase visibility at no cost to promote your business

We have already talked about five ways to increase your business visibility. 

Check out the sixth method on our list: 

BPD’s Women Owned Business Directory!

Our Business Directory is a complimentary platform to showcase your business.

When a user accesses our Business Directory and searches the business category relevant to your business, your business will show up in the search field. 

Having your business on the Women Owned Businesses Directory allows us to assist you in your marketing efforts by increasing the awareness and visibility of your business.

Do you want an additional no cost option to increase visibility to your business and generate more leads?

It is our gift to you! 

Live YOUR Passion!

Picture of Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
My mission is to help you live YOUR Passion by providing you with the tools you need to live your life by desire and design, and NOT by default, so you can achieve your version of freedom!

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