How To Reconnect to Your Goals and Get Back on Track

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Goal setting is a process that goes much deeper than just writing down your goals at the beginning of the year. In order to properly set action plans for your future self, you need to create time and space to reflect on what has been done so far – which can often feel like an overwhelming task.

However, when you include self-reflection in your goal-setting process there are two main benefits. Firstly, by understanding what you have already done, you get more clarity about how you can best achieve your desired outcome. Secondly, this feedback makes sure that regardless of the challenges or distractions that may come up along the way, you do not lose track of your long term goals. Instead, you are empowered to respond through resilience building techniques.

Even though at times you might feel like you are not making the kind of progress you want to be making towards your goals, all hope is not lost. One of the guiding principles of one of my favourite books, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill, is to review your goals daily. However, if you find it too overwhelming to make a daily commitment to reviewing your goals, you should at least review them quarterly to gain fresh insight into what is working and what is keeping you stuck, so you can make a decision on the next best step forward to get back on track.

What is your "why"?

“Intention is more than wishful thinking—it’s willful direction.” - Jennifer Williamson

What is your why

The first place to start when reflecting on your goals whether you are a Corporate Leader, Business Owner, or Career Professional is with the intention. Goals that are rooted in intention connect you to the impact that achieving this goal will have on your life. How will your life change for the better?

How will achieving this goal change other people’s lives? Always keeping your intention in mind will allow you to be more flexible about the how while still staying focused on what is important. In order for this method of goal-setting to work, it’s crucial that reflection always comes first and remains at the forefront throughout every step of successfully bringing your goals to life!


'Time and reflection change the sight little by little 'till we come to understand.' - Paul Cezanne

Go through this series of questions as you reflect on the quarter that has just passed. Be sure to take into consideration all the unforeseen obstacles that this year has brought with it so far, and reflect on how you have been able to approach your goals through a lens of resilience boosted by intention.

  1. What are your top five goals for the rest of the year?
  2. What are you proud of yourself for accomplishing so far this year? 
  3. What challenges did you face throughout the first quarter, and how did you overcome them?
  4. What has surprised you most about the way you have shown up so far this year? 
  5. What did you learn you need more of in the past three months? 
  6. What did you learn you need less of in the past three months? 
  7. What did you learn that you want to remember?
  8. What are you personally struggling with right now and how do you choose to overcome this?
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Achieving your Top Goals

Happy black woman thinking

In essence, incorporating reflection into your process allows you to understand your strengths, identify any areas to improve, and put in place an action plan and act on set actions. The main reason to review your lessons is to make adjustments to how you intend to achieve your remaining goals as the year progresses.

  1. What do you want to accomplish the most?
  2. What do you need to learn, or improve on, to accomplish your goals?
  3. What habits or behaviours would you like to change?
  4. What support will you need to achieve your goals?

Once you have reflected on these questions, and gathered the information about what you would like to continue working towards, take this opportunity to ensure that your goals are clearly defined.

Goal setting without reflection takes away the opportunity to take stock of how you have been showing up so far this year, and that prevents you from intentionally applying lessons learned to achieving your remaining goals. Remember: it’s important not only to think about what you are working towards, but also reflect on your actions as they align with larger intentions for your personal and/or professional pursuits. When you keep making adjustments when needed you will see the biggest and most impactful changes that encourage growth that propels you forward towards success!

Goal setting doesn't have to be a daunting task. Click to access a practical how-to video that will guide you to create your own meaningful vision board along with your accompanying workbook.
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
Georgina Terry FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert
My mission is to help you live YOUR Passion by providing you with the tools you need to live your life by desire and design, and NOT by default, so you can achieve your version of freedom!

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