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Management and Leadership Development

Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

– John F. Kennedy –

Are Your Managers/Leaders Equipped to Lead Your Organisation in the 21st Century?

71% said their leaders are not ready to lead their organisations into the future. Only 25% of organisations said they had a ready and willing successor identified for one out of 10 critical leader positions.” – Brandon Hall “State of Leadership Development 2015 Study

BPD’s training and development programmes are tailored to create the leaders you need for the future by incorporating 21st Century Skills into all our programmes. We will develop your identified successors, your new leaders, and your leaders who have potential but are struggling. 

Management and Leadership Development Services

BPD’s training and development programmes are tailor made for each group and designed to deliver tangible results for each participant.

Female manager stands addressing colleagues in meeting room

Management and Leadership Training

BPD will build and deliver the “right” programme based on the specific needs highlighted by the organisation’s leaders, HR and the participants that will address your identified business challenges.

We believe that when participants are involved in designing their development programme, the level of engagement and success is higher.

Each participant who joins the programme will identify with their line manager a specific business objective they need to achieve.

Thereafter, all tools, techniques, knowledge etc. learnt in the development programme will be used to deliver the tangible business results identified. 

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First Time

This training and coaching programme is designed for persons who have been promoted due to excelling in the technical side of their field, but who have had no formal training and development in leading a team or limited experience in a leadership role.

You would not give a car filled with passengers to someone who could not drive or even knows the way, and expect them to both figure it out immediately, and arrive safely. So stop putting your first time leaders with limited experience to lead a team without a comprehensive training and development and coaching plan in place. Both are likely to crash and there will be casualties if nothing structured is in place.

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Leadership and Performance Coaching

BPD’s Coaching Programmes are designed to positively impact the coachee and the organisation’s performance by accelerating the performance and impact of high performing leaders, and also improving the performance of leaders who you feel have the potential but are struggling in their current role.

We believe that competencies developed should be demonstrated behaviorally and through improved business results and team performance. Thus, achieving specific tangible business objective(s) is included in our programmes.

BPD uses a range of self and/or 360 assessments to identify areas of strength and areas of focus: e.g. Strengths Finder, Emotional Intelligence and The Leadership Circle.

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Public Speaking/Presentation Delivery Services

Conveying compelling and engaging messages is a key skill of an effective leader.
Unfortunately, even thought this talent does not come naturally to everyone, it is expected.
We can assist your organisation’s leaders to become effective and confident presenters, supporting in the design, flow and content of the presentation. We also include observing and coaching on the actual delivery (tone, gestures, slides, visuals etc.) to ensure that maximum impact is delivered to the desired audience.
We can support leaders to deliver presentations at conferences, TEDx Talks, client meetings, etc.

Training & Development

Business & People Development Associates Limited’s (BPD) training/ development workshop delivery framework is based on the Change Management framework, “ADKAR”. The ADKAR model was first published by Prosci in 1998, after research with more than 300 companies undergoing major change projects.

In 2006, Prosci released the first complete text on the ADKAR model in Jeff Hiatt’s book, “ADKAR: a model for change in business, government and our community”.
Awareness: an overview of the topic
Desire: to participate and support the change
● Knowledge: of how to change (and what the change looks like)
● Ability: to implement the change on a day-to-day basis
Reinforcement: to keep the change in place – out of scope for this programme


We include a blend of change management, coaching, training, experiential learning and facilitation in our programme design and delivery. Our workshops are interactive and are created to deliver improvements in both business and personal performance.

Practical & Personalised

Programmes are co-created with you to ensure that expectations are understood and met. Our workshops are created and delivered in a practical way (real life experiences, tools, techniques etc.), which enables the participants to quickly and easily implement their new learnings back into their workplace and lives.
We tailor the workshops to deliver specific business and personal results that are desired by the team.


We believe that one-off workshops are not the most effective way to effect change. Therefore, our programmes can include an Action Challenge series, which consists of emails sent over an agreed duration, providing mentoring /guidance to the participants to support them in implementing the improvements identified. This approach allows the participants to have continued support after the workshop, rather being left alone to flounder.

Examples of Training & Development Topics

Examples of Training and Development Topics include but are not limited to these below. Duration of the training and development workshops will be tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Developing your Managers and Leaders with BPD


Competencies Developed

Equip your managers and leaders with the 21st Century Skills needed to effectively perform now and in the future.

Targets Met

Achieve a noticeable improvement in the attainment of identified key business results within your organisation.

Relationships Built

Establish cohesive, productive relationships amongst peers and between departments.

Tools Developed

Create required processes, tools and techniques and embed them throughout your organisation. 

What Do Clients Say?

"A dynamic, involved programme that is tailor-made to suit the needs of the group."
Massy Motors
"A workshop geared towards stimulating the mind to honestly consider the effects of change and to understand a person’s journey along that change continuum. A very practical and relevant workshop that I feel can be offered to any level of staff."
Nadia Williams
Republic Bank Ltd.

It's Time to Equip Your Leaders to Lead

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