Does your target market know you exist?

To attract more paying clients and increase your sales, MORE of your target market needs to know you exist!!

You MUST Market

To grow your business, you must MARKET your business. This means you must put a mechanism in place to consistently let the people who need your products/services know you exist and how you can support them.

Social media is one way to reach your target market, but with more and more changes in the algorithms, it means your messages are reaching fewer and fewer people. So you need to add at least one other marketing activity to your marketing strategy. 

Radio Ads can be that additional strategy!

With this in mind, BPD has collaborated with Caribbean Lifestyle Communications (CLC) (104.1, 97.1 and 90.5), to make radio advertising even more affordable for you!

You can receive a great Radio Advertising Campaign customised to YOUR budget.

Entertain. Engage. Empower. Excite.

10 Reasons to Advertise with Caribbean Lifestyle Communications


Radio is on 24/7, reaching over 92% of people over age 12 and 68% daily.


Niche radio channels and programs can zero in on target groups.


Radio reaches customers at the time and location of their purchases.


Listeners stay tuned to commercial breaks on their favourite stations.


Listeners feel an emotional connection to their preferred stations.


Radio ads are always at the forefront of the listener's attention.


Radio has a "multiplier" effect on other media like web and print.


Radio allows you to share your ad message many times on many stations.

Creative flexibility

Radio creates a unique brand identifier that is memorable for listeners.

cost effectiveness

Radio promotion is less expensive than other major media like TV & print.

I have been struggling to broaden my customer base and was considering multiple options none of which were Radio! The insight Kiran gave into the reach of Radio compared to other marketing media was blew me away. I had no idea how much I was missing the mark!
Marketing on a Small Budget Webinar Attendee

How we can help

Special rates

Exclusive discounted rates offered ONLY to BPD women entrepreneurs.


Choice of three different radio stations to choose from – or any combination that best suits your needs.


1-2-1 support to develop an effective radio advertisement and campaign that is professional and represents your brand.


Radio campaign tailored to your budget from radio stations that passionate about supporting women entrepreneurs to succeed.


30-minute complimentary business consultation with Georgina Terry (valued at $1,500).

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