Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind

Do you need a supportive business community, where you take off your mask, be vulnerable, share your fears and know that you and your business will be supported and encouraged, so your vision becomes your reality? 

Why Join BPD's Mastermind?

Participating will strengthen you and your business so that you achieve your desired business and personal goals faster than you would alone. BPD’s Mastermind will act as a catalyst for growth, provide you with support and accountability, and also challenge you to perform at your very best.


Support Network

Receive consistent support to develop and achieve your goals and success road map from an instant and valuable support network. 


Increased Confidence

Increase your confidence, skills and business experience through mentoring, unique perspectives, resources and experiences from the group.    


Monthly Reporting

Monthly reporting of business performance to keep you on track, plus an online private forum to connect and share with fellow Masterminders. 


Challenges Addressed

Receive mentoring or coaching, ideas and suggestions to address your main personal and business challenges, commit to actions and put what was learnt into practice.


Accountability Held

 Follow-up from Georgina and connecting with your Mastermind buddy who will provide you with support and challenge in between Mastermind sessions.

If you find you are weak in persistence, surround yourself with a Mastermind Group.

– Napoleon Hill – 

Pre-requisites for Joining


Be committed and passionate about growing your business and developing yourself.


Commit to the mastermind group for 12 consecutive months (one year).


Prepare for each Mastermind meeting with monthly reporting documents.

Action Oriented

Implement what you learn and explore the ideas presented.


Enjoy being of service to others as we help each other take the next step on our journeys.


Provide support to your mastermind buddy in-between meetings.

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Accelerate yourself and your business 

This is for you if:


See how we have supported our clients

As a young entrepreneur, I possess the expertise to offer my service, however with running the actual business, not so much. The transition from employee to employer has been quite a challenge. Mastermind keeps me focused, disciplined, and on target. I’ve overcome a lot of the fear and anxiety that was keeping me from achieving my goals. I like that it facilitates the exchange ideas, as well as, gives support to fellow entrepreneurs. This has allowed me to find my voice. How liberating! This forum inspires critical thinking, which is essential to problem solving. Being my own boss is an important commitment and as such, Mastermind is training me to succeed, to adjust my attitude, and understand the work and PUSH needed to achieve my dream. It’s been great! Thanks Georgina!
Keri-Ann Mclenon
Owner, Residential, Re-Design & Renovations Co.
Working with Georgina Terry in the Mastermind group has been extraordinary. She has a keen sense of business development, operational workings and strategic growth. She has curated an amazing group that combines camaraderie and visioning. I have truly joined a gem of a cohort under her leadership.
Adrena Ifill
Ifill/ DoubleBack Global Group
I joined the Mastermind Group because as an entrepreneur I needed guidance and advice. What I got was much more. I was able to connect with a unique group of people with similar challenges as myself. Since joining, I have seen tremendous growth in myself since I’ve been able to overcome my fears that were causing me to not move forward, thereby helping me to be of more value to my business. I would advise anyone to join a Mastermind Group for the tremendous benefits you receive from it. These include guidance from your business coach and group members, a buddy system to ensure your goals are on track and networking opportunities. What are you waiting for? Join NOW!
Sarah Lezama
Owner, Lezara Consultancy Services

Get ready to grow your business

Support. Trust. Acceleration. Success.

If you want to find out more or to join the Mastermind, please click the button to contact us and learn more.

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