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Organisational Growth

“This isn’t just about driving growth. It’s about staying in business.”

– Beth Comstock –

Our Commitment to you

Strategically Growing Your Organisation

A business without strategy and plan is like a car without a driver and a destination; with all its potential, it is heading nowhere.  Therefore, your business needs a plan and a strategy for you to achieve your vision of success.

We work together to determine the future direction of your organisation and work with you to create a strategy and plans that will take you there. We stand with you all the way to provide the necessary implementation support.

Planning and Implementation

We know that a business without strategy is like a car without a driver; with all its potential, it is heading nowhere. 

Your business needs a strategy and a plan.

We guide you to determine the future direction of your company and work with you to create actionable steps that will take you there. We stand with you all the way to provide the necessary support during the implementation of your strategies.

Some of our Planning and Implementation services include:


  • To implement a strategic planning process that is engaging and effective that results in a shared vision which identifies and closes the gap between the current business performance and future business direction.


  • Company direction defined
  • Major themes and outcomes agreed
  • Key metrics and targets agreed
  • Team engaged and aligned


To design and deliver a programme geared towards implementing the necessary changes and developing the capabilities of all involved, so as to reinforce these new behaviours and ways of working in the organisation.


  • Improvement in the attainment of identified key business results
  • Tailored new business processes and systems
  • Common tools and techniques embedded throughout organisation


  • To create a common goal for the next 12 months
  • To identify the main objectives needed to achieve the overall goal
  • To develop quarterly milestone plan to achieve the goal


  • Shared vision of success
  • Major themes and outcomes agreed
  • Team engaged and ready to deliver

Management and Leadership Development

The effectiveness of teams is vital to the growth of any organisation. Therefore, you need leaders who understand your business direction and are skilled in leading, motivating and developing their team members.

We work with you and your leaders to determine where their leadership skills need to be strengthened and then create tailor-made programmes to produce high performing leaders who will achieve outstanding results. 

Some of our Management and Supervisory Development services include:


To increase the confidence and competencies of leaders in order to lead and motivate their teams to deliver the stated business objectives 


  • Common tools and techniques embedded throughout organisation
  • Improvement in the attainment of identified key business results


  • To accelerate the performance and results of First Time Leaders and their teams


  • Your First Time Leaders will be equipped with the tools, skills and support to hit the ground running successfully, rather than hitting their heads repeatedly against a brick wall


To accelerate the personal and business performance of leaders. 


  • Identified targets and objectives met
  • Self and team operating at a higher level
  • Leadership competencies developed

Team Development

The rapid change in the business environment today calls for a level of dynamism within an organisation to stay ahead of the competition and meet day-to-day challenges. 

We work with you to determine the areas of strengths and weaknesses of your team, then co-create programmes which help your staff be fully engaged, committed, passionate and aligned to the organisation’s success. 

Some of our Team Development Services include:


  • To increase operational efficiency
  • To increase productivity
  • To increase profitability


  • Standardisation
  • Bottlenecks eliminated
  • Waste eliminated
  • Lost Time eliminated 


To improve a specific competency that will positively impact personal or team performance.


  • Common tools and techniques embedded
  • Increased proficiency level


  • To identify the systemic and behavioural issues impacting the department.
  • To co-create and implement a team intervention.


  • Improved working relationships between management and staff
  • Defined culture that creates a space for all team members to perform at their optimum and deliver/exceed the stated business targets
  • Improved departmental performance


  • To bond as a team
  • To improve relationships between team members
  • To strengthen the team


  • Alignment of team members towards organisation goal
  • Re-energised workforce

What do clients say?

Testimonials from some of the many clients who have experienced success working with BPD

"The Guardian Group was extremely pleased to have engaged your team from BPD Associates Ltd. Through their leadership, guidance and direction, our teams were not only able to establish a common vision for the group, but work through company strategies. Your team was not only professional, proficient and highly effective; they also delivered what I consider an exceptional service. I would not hesitate to recommend BPD Associates Ltd."
Ravi Tewari
CEO, guardian group
"BPD Associates Ltd has greatly enlightened and empowered us to become better versions of ourselves and transfer these positive aspects to our business."
Carlos Hospedales
pat and max ltd

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