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Planning and Implementation

“‘Hope’ is not a strategy. You have to have a plan”

– Rachel Hollis –

Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Resources are limited and costly. Therefore, to ensure that your resources are used optimally, it is crucial that your organisations invest the time to clarify the direction you are going in and then make the time to plan how you intend to arrive at your destination. Planning allows you to get everyone aligned, to think ahead and set forward with confidence.

Planning and Implementation Services

BPD supports you and your teams at every stage to develop and implement the solutions needed to take you to your desired destination.

People making new business plan

Strategic Planning

So that your organisation does not fail, BPD will successfully co-create with you and your team(s): 

  • a compelling vision that will create emotional connection
  • strategic plans at the organisational, divisional and/or business unit level, 
  • the required implementation plan (including change management)

Once developed, we can support you to implement the plan and create a system for and monitor progress against the planned deliverables.

Businesspeople reviewing business plans.

Project & Change Management

Any transition an organisation goes through (e.g. product development, new IT system, change in organisational  structure, merger, takeover etc.) will be very costly (both in time and money) if a structured project and change management process is overlooked or managed inefficiently.

BPD combines both change and project management processes to create the bridge and understanding between planning, people, processes, performance and profits.

Business people planning work

Operational Plan Development

Annual budgets are not plans! If you have spent the time and energy creating your budgets, but you have NO documented plan to carry it out, you are NOT set up for success!
BPD works with you to turn your annual targets or numbers into an operational plan and create a framework for review, follow-up and reporting, so everyone will know what to do and when to do it in a coordinated and structured way to deliver your annual objectives.
We can also support you during the implementation too!

Benefits of BPD's Planning and Implementation Services

Direction Attained

Define where the company is going, the major themes and outcomes desired and the best way to attain them. 

Team Engaged

Develop an engaged team ready and better equipped to deliver on identified key business results.

Tailored Processes Created

Create new tailored business processes and systems to suit your organisation’s needs.


Right Tools in Place

Define the tools and techniques needed and embed them into the culture throughout your organisation.

What Do Clients Say?

I have worked with Georgina on several change management programs. Georgina is very detailed and well versed in project management. Her plan was practical and doable. With her strong interpersonal skills, she was able to coach and influence the employees to accept and embed the change. She delivers what she says she will do. Point Fortin is quite distant from her home base but she was there daily supporting and mentoring the team. The program was executed seamlessly and it is functioning to date. I know she will be an asset to your program and I fully recommend her for your change program.
Arlene Chow
COO, Atlantic lng
It has been a pleasure working with you over the years. From you, we have learnt the process of determining our goals and keeping them in focus. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for leaving us with the skills and tools to envision and manage change not only at work but also on a personal level.
Allison Demas
CEO, Media Insite Ltd

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