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From entrepreneurial overwhelm to business success – in 13 weeks!

Attention, Women Entrepreneurs! The path to business success is demanding, “Businesses that opened in 2002 witnessed a 20.8% failure rate within the first year, 40% within three years, 49.9% within five years, 65.8% within 10 years, 73.3% within 15 years, and nearly 80% within 20 years” (

If you find yourself navigating the complexities of balancing a full-time job with your part-time business or struggling to grow your business full-time, the ProfitXcel Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind is your compass to clarity and success.

Let’s rise above the statistics and transform you and your business into a beacon of success. 

The road to entrepreneurial success is HARD and even harder when you are walking the path alone!

Well, you don’t have to go it alone anymore. 

Here is What You Will Gain:


Transformation at its Core:

Prepare for a radical shift in your entrepreneurial journey. ProfitXcel is not about incremental changes; it’s a complete metamorphosis. Over 13 weeks, we delve deep into challenges in your business, guiding you to reposition, strategize, and thrive.


Overcome Self Confidence Hurdles

Bid farewell to the struggles holding you and your business back.


Practical Skills and Implementation for Real-World Success

ProfitXcel equips you with hands-on, practical skills. No more theory without application – gain tools you can implement immediately in your busines


Achieve Tangible Business Goals:

Let’s turn your goals into reality. Whether you’re aiming for financial milestones, operational efficiency, or market expansion, our group coaching and accountability programme guides you step-by-step towards achievement.

Meet Your Coach and Mentor: Georgina Terry

Georgina Terry, FCCA PMP, Passions to Profitability Expert and Managing Director of Business and People Development Associates Limited (BPD), isn’t just an expert with a list of credentials. She’s your ally in this journey. As an accomplished professional with a background in finance, leadership development, coaching, entrepreneurship, and change management, Georgina has walked the path you’re on. Her TEDx stage presence and success in empowering countless clients showcase her ability to turn experience into actionable insights.


How Georgina's Experience Will Benefits You:

Georgina understands the challenges you are facing in your business. Benefit from her firsthand knowledge as she coaches and mentors the group to assist you in overcoming challenges, known and unknown.

Beyond theory, Georgina brings practical strategies honed through her own entrepreneurial journey. Learn from someone who’s not just an expert but a seasoned entrepreneur.

Georgina’s support is not about vague advice – it’s about achieving tangible results. She’ll guide you towards transformation that makes a measurable impact on your businesses.

Hear From Our Past Clients

Programme Highlights - Your 13 Week Journey

Welcome and Setting the Stage for Success:

Programme overview & logistics

Identifying limiting beliefs and process to overcome them

Vision of success finalised 

Critical success factors agreed

Increasing Self-Awareness:

Tackle self-limiting beliefs and negative emotions head-on, providing tools to combat imposter syndrome and confidence challenges common among women entrepreneurs

Developing Resilience 

Learn and apply principles to enhance your resilience, learning ways to overcome the emotional toll from running a business.

Financial Management

Record Keeping and Financial Performance Management – Understand how to streamline record-keeping and also alleviating the fear and uncertainty associated with financial management

Improve Your Client Experience:

Explore effective lead generation and client retention strategies, developing strategies to overcome inconsistent sales and client retention.

Leveraging Technology for Operational Efficiencies:

Address operational inefficiencies by leveraging technology, providing solutions to streamline business operations.

Reviewing and Revising 2024 Plans

Chart your course for continued success. Evaluate performance, identify gaps, and refine your plans for sustainable success.

Your Value-Packed Investment

Structured sessions with progress reporting for steady growth.

Get valuable insights, connect, and learn with peers.

Practical application and apply your learnings to real-life scenarios and receive feedback for tangible growth.

Each week, expect content that transcends theory. Receive practical challenges and applicable knowledge. Between sessions, dive into supplemental materials and join our online discussion forum to connect, share, and continue your growth journey.

Apply your learnings in your business, gaining practical experience

Connect with peers, providing and receiving support from Georgina and fellow women entrepreneurs between sessions.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

 Enroll now in the ProfitXcel Women Entrepreneurs Mastermind.

Benefits of Immediate Action:

Acting now ensures you’re part of an intimate cohort of driven women entrepreneurs. Secure your spot before they all disappear.

Immediate action guarantees you a seat at the transformative table, positioning you ahead in your business journey.


Business Impact:

Your ROI extends beyond financial gains. Expect elevated confidence, refined entrepreneurial effectiveness, and a strategic approach to your business growth.

Your business won’t just survive; it will thrive in the 21st-century business landscape.

Final Call to Transformation: Limited Slots Available! We keep our groups intimate – 

only a few places left!

Ready to redefine success for your business?

Seize this transformative opportunity before it slips away.

Act now, enroll, and be part of a select group of women entrepreneurs charting a course to lasting success.

Limited slots available; your business transformation starts here.

There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish."
- Michelle Obama

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