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It’s not about your resources. It’s about your resourcefulness.

– Tony Robbins –

The Right Tools for Continuous Success

Dear Freedom Achiever,

We created your BPD’s resources centre so that we can share useful tools and information with you. These resources are used and created for our own business operations and also include resources we have created for clients and our network.

As time goes on and we are exposed to and /or develop new tools/information, we will update this resource centre for you.

If you choose to purchase, we may receive income from some of the resources we share, but we will only share resources here that we actually have used and therefore are recommending based on personal experiences.


Live YOUR Passion!

Affordable and reliable web hosting


Regardless of whether you’re starting from the beginning, rebranding or just now launching out into the virtual world, an online presence in the form of a website is imperative – it’s like your online address for your business. We recommend building your website with and hosting via Siteground for reliable support, speed and security.

Powerful and Customisable web forms

Gravity Forms

We all use forms, but we’ve found gravity forms to be the most reliable, affordable and customisable pro solution there is for making basic and advanced forms, surveys and more. Even more, it integrates effortlessly with a plethora of other useful tools for managing your business and maintaining effective customer relationships.

easy and straightforward design

Canva Pro

Designing great content for your social media, website, emails, flyers and more doesn’t have to be difficult. Canva comes to the rescue with endless designs in it’s easy drag and drop format. If you want to take the guess work out of making creative graphics, Canva is right for you.

All in onE Client Relationship Management (CRM) Tool

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is an affordable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with sales and marketing automation for small businesses. We use it to effectively maintain relationships with our customers/clients, track deals, send emails, manage our database and more. If you need a comprehensive solution, Agile CRM is a great start.

Simple and Efficient Email marketing tool


Aweber is a powerful email marketing tool that will help you automate parts of your business, so you can focus more on providing value to your clients/customers. If you’re aiming to grow your business with smart email marketing software, Aweber can help put your mind at ease.

project management software for your teams


Teamwork makes collaboration, tracking and planning effortless, allowing you to stay focused and deliver high performance results. Streamline your teams and become more efficient and organised with the right task management and team collaboration software.

Simplified task management for teams


Asana is a daily driver within BPD. Over the years it has allowed our team to become more productive, efficient and organised.

Safely store and share passwords


No more constantly resetting your passwords. With Lastpass, you can safely store and encrypt your usernames and passwords online, and access them for yourself across desktop and mobile. Even better, you can share logins temporarily with others, without ever having to give them this sensitive information. You remain in control.

Safely store and share passwords

G Suite

The complete range of Google Suite services are used daily within BPD. From collaboration via email, storage and sharing on Google Drive, creating dynamic documents readily available online and more, G Suite has been priceless in helping us grow.



Financial software for small businesses


Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, Wave provides a simple way to effectively manage your money and accounts online. Create and send professional invoices, manage incomes and expenses and more with this intuitive platform. Best of all…IT’S FREE!

cloud accounting software


QuickBooks accounting software has all you need to keep your books accurate and up to date, automatically. Explore features like invoicing, cashflow, expense tracking and more.

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Gratitude Journal

Take some time to be still and reflect on what good things you already have e.g. health, home, family, air to breathe, nature etc. This will re-energise you! Let this booklet be your guide.


Hourglass time passing

Easy and digestible business advice

Business Tips in 60 Seconds

If you are a busy business owner, manager, supervisor. team leader or aspiring entrepreneurs with limited time for reading, these quick practical tips will be perfect for you – it will just take 60 seconds!

Easy and digestible business advice

The Amazing Race to Entrepreneurial Freedom

Define and design your own custom-made, passion inspired life and business.

Turn your passions into profits. Download the first three chapters for free.

Tnt’s only women owned businesses directory

BPD's Women-Owned Businesses Directory

A digital platform created for individuals/organisations/diaspora/women entrepreneurs to purchase from and/or connect with Women-Owned Businesses in Trinidad and Tobago.
This database of Women-Owned Businesses is a valuable resource if you are looking for:

1. products/services and want to support women-owned businesses
2. partnerships with Women Entrepreneurs
3. looking for gifts for family, friends and clients.

For Women Entrepreneurs, our directory is a great place to find collaborative partners, promote your products/services to increase your visibility and to attract new business

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From time to time, in the blog, via email, and through other channels, I may make recommendations for third-party products and services for which I am compensated when you make a purchase.
I will never endorse a product or service which I have not thoroughly investigated, and you will not pay more because you have purchased through one of my links.
I make no guarantees regarding the effectiveness or quality of third-party products and services, and I am in no way responsible for support of such products and services.

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