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Team Development

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

– Phil Jackson –

Need To Improve Your Team's Performance?

The rapid change in the business environment today calls for a level of dynamism within your teams in order to stay ahead and meet the day-to-day challenges.

For your organisation to stay ahead of the competition and be effective and profitable, the members of your team must have a common compelling vision; a plan that they all contribute to, believe in and want to see become a reality; have a consistent and efficient way of working, and possess the knowledge and skills that are beneficial to themselves, the team and the organisation.

Team Development Services

Our co-created team development programmes help your team members to be fully engaged, committed, passionate and aligned to the organisation’s success. 

Smiling African businesswoman and her team brainstorming in an office

Process Improvement

Increasing the consistency of delivery, efficiency and productivity of your teams will lead to greater profitability and a sense of achievement for team members. Reviewing and analysing your existing ways of working and identifying and eliminating bottlenecks or redundant activities, will enable your team members to streamline how they work and assist you in getting more with less effort in the long run. 

Diverse team of colleagues brainstorming together in a modern office

Tailored Skills Development Programmes

We don’t believe in one size fits all. Through consultation with the organisation’s leadership, we will tailor a skills development programme to address the specific needs of each team we work with in your organisation, as each team will have different challenges. We will also align the skills developed to a tangible business objective so you will see a direct return on investment. 

Team Builders

If the morale, communication or connection between team members and or leader is lacking, then some time away from the office, in a different environment can work wonders. Facilitated sessions to name the “elephant” in the room, plus different games and activities will be conducted to focus on the issues rather than persons. This will help to clear the air and together they can agree on what is needed to improve the working relationships and environment.

Front view of happy diverse business colleagues having fun in modern office

Staff Retreats

This is a great way to mix business and pleasure. We help create the space away from your day-to-day working environment to focus on the direction for the company/ department for the coming period and incorporating experiential activities to create a fun and exciting learning environment. This combination allows team members to get to know each other better and reconnect to the company and its objectives.

Benefits of Developing your Teams with BPD

Re-energised Workforce

Create a culture that creates a space for all team members to perform at their optimum and deliver/exceed the stated business targets.

Aligned Team

Align team members towards the organisation’s goals and the working relationships between Management and staff subsequently improve.

Increased Proficiency

Eliminate bottlenecks, waste and lost time which leads to increased outputs and improved departmental performance.

Standardisation Achieved

Define and create the required processes, tools and techniques and embed them within the organisation.

What Do Clients Say?

Eye opener. One every company should have to move forward in their journey. Georgina is very knowledgeable in her field and presents information in a way that is palatable.
Melissa Senhouse
Pat and Max Ltd
The facilitator delivered an engaging and valuable workshop for the staff of Josar Ltd. What stood out about her was that she was very inclusive and listened well. Her expertise approach reinforced learning and provided all participants with much to think about.
Annalee Matagoolam

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